Your favorite foods, bite-sized.

Hello there! I’m Ana Maria, a food obsessed journalist living in Switzerland. I grew up in a traditional home in Lima, Peru and moved to the US for college speaking little to no English. I’ve always liked a good challenge. 

Since I can recall, I’ve been hanging around kitchens and reading cooking books before going to bed. I am a self-taught cook, indulger and food explorer. 

Sharing dishes is my favorite way of eating since I like to experience as many flavours as possible. I just can’t make up my mind in terms of what I want to eat. 

I started to ask myself the question: What if all my favorite dishes were available bite-sized? This is how my crostini obsession came to life. After years of transforming traditional and modern dishes into bite-sized crostini friends started to call me ‘Crostini Queen’.

This blog is all about creating crostini recipes that are easy to put together, fun to eat and great to share with your loved ones. Recipes that challenge the senses and flavors that travel the world.

I live in an apartment in Zurich with two crazy cats and my dear husband, who is also my camera man, director, video editor and guinea pig. 

Thanks for visiting!

Yours truly,

The Crostini Queen

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